Fresh Homes Program


Would you be interested in putting your own personal stamp on your new home?

The truth is the majority of people would love the chance to customize their home. Just look at all of the Home Renovation shows filling the airwaves these days! The problem is that for many, the process of completing renovations can be intimidating, confusing and too costly! Our Fresh Homes Program is designed to make the renovation process a breeze. Best of don't need any money beyond your down payment to participate!

What would you do with your $40,000 Credit?

  • Renovate that dated bathroom
  • Design your dream kitchen
  • Replace your old windows
  • Build a new garage
  • Finish your "Man Cave"

“We really wanted to live as close to downtown as we could but everything in our price range needed a lot of work. We did not have any extra money to do renos, so we thought that would have to compromise...luckily we were wrong!The customization program allowed us to add new windows, a new roof, furnace and hot water heater as soon as we moved in. Completing these items may have taken us years to save up for but with this program we were able to simply add it to our mortgage and enjoy our home right away.”  - The Brakes

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