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Are you or someone you know thinking about selling their home??  There are some inexpensive things that you can do to prepare your home before listing that will help it sell quicker and for a better price including a serious cleaning, painting, and making sure smaller things like light switches and outlets are updated.  Of course you can also do some more major updates, but don't expect to get all of the money back on those types of renos unless you are doing the work yourself (and know what you are doing!)..... 

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The number one deciding factor for first-time buyers when looking for a home is price, but the options people are looking at for coming up with the money are not just the traditional ones.... There are many options out there for buyers to look at from going it alone to team-buying with friends, relatives, or co-investors.  The importance of having a clear, written agreement based on solid legal advice will ensure that potential problems can be avoided when using these alternative financing options.  Click HERE to see the entire article..... !
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The TD mortgage reps that work with CIR did an interesting cost analysis for us based on projected stats if interest rates and average home values in Calgary continue to rise.  Their numbers show that if our market keeps its current pace, by waiting one year to buy could cost you $49,789 rather than putting $80,000 into your pocket!  Check out their presentation by clicking here.  If you have any questions or are interested in buying or selling please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Calgary, September 3, 2013 - According to CREB (referencing metro Calgary stats only)... Residential sales within city limits totaled 2,196 units, an 27.5% increase over 2012 and 8.7% on a year-todate basis.  For Septembers stats and a full maintenance package to prep your home for winter click here.

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WIth the recent flooding there is a large demand for contractors Calgary.  It is important to make sure the contractor you hire is qualified and reputable.  For tips on how to find the right contractor as well as this months market stats take a look at our preferred client update.
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With the water receeding and people now able to clean out their homes, many are wondering how the floods will affect the housing market in Calgary.  According to CREB Cheif Economist, Anne-Marie Lurie, we can expect a drop in listings in the short term.  With fewer listings on the market, there is potential to see pricing continue to grow at the rate they were previous to the flood, but don't expect much change there.  Based on what we saw in 2005 for house values in teh flood affected neighbourhoods, "it didn't necessarily have a signifigant impact in these communities," says Lurie, "and we should expect about the same this time around".
For this months stats and tip on what to do before you build a deck click here.
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Did you know that 71% of the conditions that prevent a home from selling quickly and at list price are conditions a seller can do something about, including odor, clutter, decor, carpet and minor repair.
The number one easy to fix problem that sellers don't fix before showing a home is freshening up with new paint.  The next largest segment was cleaning to sell, which is different than cleaning to live.  And the number one condition that prevents a home from selling quickly and at list price?  You may have guessed it - household odors.
IF you are considering selling your home, talk with your REALTOR about simple solutions like the ones mentioned above to make sure your home sells quickly and for every penny it's worth.
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April 2, 2013 - According to CREB... The inventory of active homes for sale in Calgary are the lowest March levels in more that five years.  The sales decline in new listings hampered resale sales growth, which declined by more than two percent in March compared to March 2012.  For more details click April Market Watch.

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